Gypsy Inbread

Small Wave Shortboard 

Inspired by a combination of retro and modern performance designs to create the ultimate fun board for waves ranging from 1-5f. We take the flat deck, beak nose and move the widest point slightly forward. Then mix it with a modern hi-performance fish rocker with a double flyer in the tail outline for responsive rail to rail surfing. It's nose hull design migrates into a single concave then to a v-tail allowing smooth water intake, which enables maximum wave catching attributes.

I have been testing this model with 6 channel bottom contours creating great results including more speed, power, flow and transition through turns.

Available sizes from 5’3- 6'5 custom to order

Prices start at $650



Standard glass

Resin tints- available

Fabric inlays-available


Single / Double Concaves into slight V in tail

6 channel bottom - available

Gloss or wet'n'dry finish