Vertical Seafood Taco

The Single Fin

This has a pointed beak nose, the widest point 2 inches in front of halfway, a flattish bottom with a very slight vee in the tail. Using a modern rocker and packing as much foam in the sweet spots, it allows you to move through the water with speed, greatly improving your wave count, perfect for smooth arching bottom turns into barrel riding, vertical off-the-lip re-entries and cutbacks with a smooth reliability and a truly classic feel.

I have been testing 6 channels in this model with positive results and feedback from myself and test pilots, of added drive and additional speed.

Available sizes from 5’5- 7ft custom to order.

Prices start from $650


Standard glass

Resin tints - available

Fabric inlays-available

Fin box/ Glass in

6 channel bottom - available upon request

Flyers upon request

Gloss or wet'n'dry finish